New Toronto Co-operative Nursery School Provides

A stimulating preschool in an enriched and nurturing environment

Morning program for children aged 2 1/2 - 4 years

Two qualified and experienced teachers

Well equipped indoor and outdoor facilities

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  • Offered two, three or five mornings a week (9:15-11:45 am)

  • Designed for preschool aged children 2.5 - 4 years old

  • Cooperative preschool committed to physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth and development of children through a quality play-based program

  • Low teacher to child ratio of 1:8

  • Max class size of 16

  • Includes special trips and educational visitors

  • Runs Sept. to June

  • Outdoor play structure

  • Parent Job & Fundraising activities

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About us

New Toronto Co-operative Nursery school was founded in 1973 with the mandate to provide a rewarding pre-school experience in the Lakeshore area. 

It is a parent-run, cooperative, non-profit nursery school that strives to meets the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and creative needs of the preschooler.

The school helps parents acquire a better understanding of their children by means of participation in the school program, and open communication between parents and teachers.


The New Toronto Co-operative Nursery School is licensed under
the Child Care and Early Years Act, Ministry of Education.

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