Jennifer Schmelter - Teaching Supervisor

“I love the energy and enthusiasm of the pre-school classroom,” says Jennifer Schmelter. “For these young learners, everything is new and exciting, and guiding them in their discoveries is immensely satisfying.”

Jennifer Schmelter is a former NTCNS parent and mother of two boys.  As an Ontario Certified Teacher qualified in primary/junior education, she has experience teaching a wide variety of ages and abilities, and has training in child psychology, special education, children’s literature and French as a second language.  With experience teaching the play-based kindergarten curriculum, Jennifer understands how to prepare our NTCNS students for the next steps in their education.

“I believe that education is not just about the teaching of facts and skills, it’s about inspiring passion in others, embracing their individuality and helping them to reach their own potential,” says Jennifer. “I understand the importance of creating respectful and nurturing learning environments – especially crucial at the preschool level. I plan cooperative learning experiences that consider my students’ individual needs and aptitudes. I use positive classroom management techniques and regular parent communication to ensure my learners are on track.”

As the Teaching Supervisor, Jennifer plans to work collaboratively with her co-teacher and the parent board in order to maintain the high standards for which the school is known.  She plans on incorporating Reggio-Emilia inspired activities, outdoor education and French songs and stories into her nursery school teaching.  Jennifer looks forward to meeting you and your children.

Kylah Connolly - Teaching Assistant

Both a Parent Facilitator and the Manager of Operations for the Parent Education Network.  Her training began when she was first introduced to Adlerian psychology by parenting expert Alyson Schafer in 2010. She became a certified Parent Facilitator in 2013 and has been giving parenting talks around the GTA at schools and through public workshops. As the Manager of Operations, Kylah acts as the nucleus of the organization to promote Parent Education Network’s mission to continue to be an important source of guidance and support for families.

She also spends five mornings a week working as a nursery school teacher at the New Toronto Cooperative Nursery School. She helped shape the school’s positive child guidance policies and aligned them with the Ministry of Education’s pedagogy. She is a busy Mom of three great kids, very active on her children’s school council and volunteers her time in the school frequently. On her free- time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, dancing, bike riding and the noise of her children.