We are a parent cooperative which means that parents are active and essential partners with our certified teachers. Parents work and assist in the administration and day-to-day operations of running the school. 


The cooperative experience enables the school to offer programs at a significantly lower cost than regular preschools.  We are a not for profit, charitable organization.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your child. The Cooperative Program at New Toronto Nursery School provides parents with a unique opportunity to determine what kind of preschool education they want for their children.

Research shows that parent involvement is a major factor in a child's success. As a member of the Cooperative you will be able to ensure the quality of the program, while still making school affordable for more families.

Coop parents can play an active role in: administration, planning, fundraising, and volunteer duties.

What's expected of the parents in New Toronto Cooperative Nursery School?

Parent Volunteer Job

In order for the school to operate every parent must take on one volunteer job within the school.** The following positions are to be filled every year:

Board Jobs: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Registrar, Fundraising Chair, Property Chair, Publicity Chair
Board members must be available to attend monthly board meetings held in the evening.

Non Board Jobs include such positions as: Fundraising Committee, Publicity Assistant, Assistant Registrar, Property Team, Shopping Parent and Scheduler

General Information Meetings

In order to maintain good communication with the members of the school there are five General Meetings you must attend throughout the year, held in the evening. It is an opportunity to connect with other families, learn about fundraising initiatives, and also have a say in your child's education. One parent must attend, no children please (young infants are allowed with nursing mothers).

Classroom Volunteering

A calendar will be posted so that interested parents can sign up to visit the classroom and help the teachers prepare art materials and other classroom tasks.



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